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The Best App Uninstaller for Android  May 25, 2015 – 07:21 am

The Best App Uninstaller for AndroidInstalling apps is easy on Android. So easy that you can end up with a ton that you don’t need over time. Rather than tediously paging through every app to uninstall them one by one, we recommend Easy Uninstaller. This app allows you to uninstall several apps at once, sort them by size, and even clean up any junk files left behind.

Platform: Android
Price: Free
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  • Batch uninstall several apps at once
  • Sort apps by storage space
  • Clean up leftover junk files
  • Track app usage to identify most and least-used apps
  • Track battery usage to identify biggest battery drains
  • Set reminders to clear out storage on regular basis or when storage gets too full

Where It Excels

Even without all the bells and whistles, Easy Uninstaller does its fundamental job well. You’re presented with a list of apps, as well as how much storage space they’re taking up on your phone. Simply check the boxes next to the apps that you want to uninstall and Easy Uninstaller will run through them, one by one. Due to the way Android handles app uninstallations, you’ll still need to confirm each one individually, but the process is much quicker than going through the usual Settings app. Easy Uninstaller will even keep a history of the apps that you uninstall if you want to find them again.

The extras make it stand out, however. You can set the app to remind you on a regular basis, such as every week or month, to clear out unused apps. Alternatively, you can get a reminder when your free storage space drops below a certain percent of your total storage. You can also use the built in tracker to find out which apps use up your battery, or which apps you use often enough to keep.

Where It Falls Short

While the battery and usage trackers are handy, they can themselves be a battery drain. While this might be useful occasionally, chances are you already know which apps you use regularly. Android also has its own battery usage tracker, so this feature is a little redundant. It also can’t uninstall or disable any system-level apps that come preinstalled on your device. You can disable them through the Settings app, but it’s still the normal hassle.

The Competition

While Easy Uninstaller is more than serviceable for the non-rooted crowd, if you’re a root user, Titanium Backup is handy to have around if you have root access. In addition to the usual backup features, it can also uninstall system-level apps if you want to get rid of any carrier-branded junk or bloatware.


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  • Share articles via e-mail or social media
  • Browse quickly and efficiently with a quality interface
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