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The Best Package Tracker for Android  July 18, 2015 – 08:57 am
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There's no shortage of package tracking applications for Android, but we think that Slice offers the best combination of tracking features and other useful tools to manage your purchases and keep track of your online orders. Plus, it's completely free.

Platform: Android (and others)
Price: Free


  • Supports dozens of shipping services, including the major ones in North America like FedEx, USPS, UPS, UPS Mail Innovations, DHL, OnTrac, Ensenda, Lasership, & Prestige.
  • Supports push notifications for changes in package status
  • Allows you to track multiple packages at once, organized for easy reference
  • Displays package status in an all-in-one view, tap any package to see detailed status and scan history
  • Can display package status and history on a Google Map
  • Automatically adds packages to its tracking list from order confirmations and shipping notifications in your inbox, without you having to enter tracking numbers manually
  • Allows you to scan barcodes to track outgoing or returned packages
  • Keeps your packages and orders organized so you can search them quickly; can be filtered easily by vendor, date, or category
  • Is also a shopping assistant that can notify you of price drops, product recalls, and can help you track your spending based on order confirmations in your inbox

Where It Excels

Slice is more than just a package tracking tool, it's a shopping assistant. You have to trust it, but once you do, you don't have to lift a finger to track your orders and your packages. Place your order, get your confirmation, and Slice will let you know when your order has been processed, it'll let you know when your order is shipped, and it'll keep you up to date on any significant changes on the package's status with push notifications and alerts. It'll often let you know when a package is delivered before it's been checked in by whoever picks it up or checks it in for you, and you can always open the app at any time to see where the package is in real time, check it's current status, and see its location on a Google Map. Plus, if Slice misses anything from your inbox, you can add it manually with a few taps.

Beyond package tracking, Slice also keeps you informed of price drops on items you have on your wishlist or have been meaning to buy, product recalls so you can return defective items, and because it keeps an eye on all of your online orders, it can help you track your spending and see at a glance how much you've spent on specific things. Think of Slice like TripIt, only for purchases, orders, and shipments. If you return a shipment or item that you need to send out, you can enter its tracking number or scan its shipping label to keep track of it as well.

To be fair, we covered Slice when it launched, and I personally have been using it since they launched their Android app a while ago. It's also available for the iPhone, but I can vouch for the company's approach to keeping your data close to pocket (since they ask for access to so much of it, and direct access to your inbox), and for getting you those shipping notifications when they're useful—not after you've already missed a delivery or picked it up somewhere.

Where It Falls Short

Slice isn't perfect, and frankly, it's not universally ideal. One of Slice's drawbacks is that it requires an incredible amount of access to your data in order to work. Not only does it want a good number of permissions on your Android phone, but in order to do this hands-free package tracking, you have to grant it access to your inbox so it can automatically pick up shipment notifications and order confirmations. I can only soothe your fears so much about this—I've been using the app for years and never seen my data go astray, never been spammed as a result of using the app, or never heard of the company mistreating my data or securing it poorly, but it still comes down to trust, and that's a personal choice.


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