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The 11 Best Life Hacks For Keeping Your Kitchen Fabulous (PHOTOS)  September 25, 2015 – 09:54 am
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The big mystery of the fridge is: How do the shelves get so grimy, if nothing has spilled? You won't have to scrub them again if you first line your shelves with clear plastic wrap after cleaning.

After you've made your smoothie, pour in a cup or two of warm water and a squirt of dish soap. Put the lid back on and give the blender a whirl. Now it's clean. (Just give it a rinse.)

Dirt and soap deposits can cling to pipes, which can quickly encourage clogs. To keep everything free-flowing, periodically pour boiling water down the drain (we just use whatever is leftover after we boil water for a cup of tea).

Old stockings get a new use when called into duty as a duster for the tricky under-the-fridge area. Simply remove the grill, attach the pantyhose to a yardstick and then run it under the fridge.

After you clean the oven, rub the racks with a natural deodorizer. Simply add a few dabs of vanilla extract (preferably the cheap stuff) to a rag, then wipe down the racks. Then, turn on the oven to release the vanilla scent.

Wad up the mesh bags used to package citrus and other produce for an in-a-pinch scrubber.

Another way to keep fridge shelves clean: Just place a cutting board or mat on shelves before you load the fridge with groceries.

Magazine holders, turned on their sides, make great "shelves" that can help corral smaller items.

Ordinary cleaners often leave streaks, but this easy fix will get stainless steel sparkling. First, apply flour to a rag. Next, buff it into the appliance or surface. Then, wipe with a clean rag for a fingerprint-free finish.

When wet sponges sit, they can get gross. But they'll stay nice and dry with a binder clip, which allows them to stand up and drain.

Yeah, you could just hand-wash wine glasses, but if you need to clean a bunch...convenience usually wins out. Unfortunately, a dishwasher can knock around stemware, causing it to crack. To keep goblets secure, tether each glass to the rack with a rubber band.


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