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These lifehacks have inspired us so much that we’re going to create our own new lifehack for the summer  May 31, 2015 – 04:38 pm

ThumbnailWith summer almost upon us and with little time to fit in all the things we want to do, we’re always on the lookout for quick and easy solutions to make life simpler. So we got excited when we discovered that Lifehacker UK have created 12 new style, home and travel lifehacks for American Express to celebrate the latest range of Amex Offers. The lifehacks are designed to help you save time and money — just like Amex Offers — so whether you’re at home or abroad this summer, why not give them a try!

Need to quickly freshen up after a long flight? Ask your flight attendant for some sugar and a slice of lemon to make a quick and easy face scrub

Freshen up on a flight by making a quick face scrub with some sugar and lemon juice. Squeeze the juice of a couple of lemon slices out into a small cup, mix with the sugar, and apply in gentle, circular movements to your face – the sugar opens up your pores and the citric acid from the lemon juice is a great natural exfoliator for skin. Remember to wash your face as normal at the end!

Put your smartphone in a glass to amplify your alarm clock

Wish your smartphone's alarm clock was even louder? Just put it in an empty glass next to your bed to amplify the sound in the morning.

A clothes-peg is an ideal DIY toothbrush holder: use it as a lever to hold up your toothbrush to save resting it on the sink

Also, why not make your bathroom pop with colour by using brightly coloured clothes-pegs to prop up your toothbrush.

Reduce pressure on your make-up bag. Did you know mascara can double as a cream eyeliner?

Sugarlemon_main (2)

Save space in your toiletry bag by using your mascara as an eyeliner. Just sweep your liner brush against the bristles of the mascara wand and line as you would with any gel liner.

Enjoy ice cold water all day long

Enjoy ice cold water all day long by filling a water bottle half way and freezing it. Then, just top up with water throughout the day - it'll be cool and refreshing almost instantly and is an especially handy trick if you're on a day trip.

Even if you’re not travelling, you can still get the most of your summer with these lifehacks, whether you’re having a BBQ at home or freshening up your wardrobe:

Bought a shiny new barbecue? Keep it looking as good as new by barbecuing fish on a bed of lemon slices – it stops the fish from sticking and adds a deliciously zesty flavour

Ensure that the lemon slice is flesh side down and up!

Add extra storage to your fridge with magazine holders

Adding some extra shelving to your fridge is as simple as turning a couple of magazine holders sideways – it'll help keep everything neat and tidy.

Want to drink your morning cup of hot coffee or tea straight away? Prepare some coffee and tea ice cubes in advance and pop a couple of cubes in your mug to cool it down without diluting the taste


Save time in the morning by freezing shots of black coffee and black tea in advance. Just pop one in your mug and top up with boiling water for the perfect cup every time.

Place a couple of ice cubes in the dryer to steam wrinkles out of dress shirts

Put a couple of ice cubes in the dryer with a dress shirt and a pair of smart trousers to steam out wrinkles and save the hassle of ironing – higher temperatures work best.

(Editor’s Note: Two medium sized ice cubes do the trick. It's best with only a couple of items – so two shirts and a pair of trousers at most).

Plump up flattened cushions by leaving them in the sun

Cushions don't look the same as when you first bought them? Leave them in the sun for an hour or two, turning halfway, to make them look as good as new.

Get in touch using #MakeALifehack and #Promo and tune in next week as we’ll preview it here!

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