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Life Hacks From 100 Years Ago That You'll Still Want To Know Today (PHOTO)  January 3, 2016 – 12:04 am
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It's amazing what a little piece of plastic can do! (Via Wonder How To)

Never carry your groceries around like a chump again. (Via Likecool)

Fills in just 45 minutes! (via Reddit)

Take that, exercise. (Via 9gag)

You'll never have to choose between work, exercise, and injury again. (Via Chris Shattuck)

Safety first. (Via Instructables)

Want to find that staple or screw that you dropped before you accidentally step on it? Just hack your mop. (Via Instructables)

Bring your stuff with your while that broken metatarsal heals up. (Via Hack Ability)

No more setting the tube on the counter and smashing it with your fist to get the last bit out. (Via Lifehacker)

Come on, this is the oldest trick in the book! (via There I Fixed It)

Look like a million bucks without anyone ever suspecting a thing. (Via Lifehacker)

Roll the windows up! (via Buzzfeed)

No more asking to "Pass the sauce." Just have some emergency eye wash ready. (via Reddit)

Here's hoping she doesn't kick the back of your seat... (via There I Fixed It)

Few of the advantages of conventional shopping carts with ten times the hassle! (via Fixed Gear Gallery)

For those who can't afford the five-lane mower. (via There I Fixed It)

Get in line! (via Reddit)

A suave way to cheat the carpool lane. (via Reddit)

Insurance covers it if you can prove you're in a frat. (via There I Fixed It)

Do your repairs before it bursts! (via Reddit)

And it's still prettier than a Prius! (via There I Fixed It)

Because buff legs totally outweigh the carpel-tunnel you'll develop with this invention. (via Reddit)

Finally, a proven way of getting hammocks not to flip. (via There I Fixed It)

In heavy rain, switch your pulling-hand often so you don't get tired. (via Reddit)

Passive-aggressive way of preventing roommates from leaving dishes in the sink. (via There I Fixed It)


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