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Life hacks for how to sit less and move more  January 18, 2016 – 05:35 am
1. Use the snack incentive

Ever think about how much time you spend sitting down every day? Well more and more research is showing that regardless of how much you exercise, sitting too much can be very bad for your long-term health.

So what are some life hacks to help college students move more and sit less? Read on for basic how to tips to keep you moving toward a healthier future.

The facts about sitting

How bad can sitting really be for college students or anyone? Jen Christensen wrote “” January 21, 2015, for with the latest research. According to a new study conducted by the Annals of Internal Medicine, our sedentary lifestyles—sitting while watching TV, sitting while driving, sitting while in class or working—increase your chance of getting a disease that will kill you prematurely. For instance, the study found that sitting eight to 12 hours a day ups your odds of developing Type 2 diabetes by 90 percent.

Christensen detailed that the researchers “adjusted their data to incorporate the amount someone exercises and found that the sitting we typically do in a day still outweighs the benefit we get from exercise.” How to live healthier, longer? Move more, sit less.

How to sit less

The key to figuring out how to sit less and move more is to start by realizing how much time you actually spend sitting down. In “” posted September 11, 2013, for’s Eat + Run blog, Elisa Zied suggested some life hacks to figure out how much you sit.

Zied suggested college students, or anyone, start by assessing how much they actually move each day. For one week keep track of the time each day you spend sitting or lying down. Once you figure out your daily average, you can start to move more, gradually increasing your activity.

Other how to tips she offered included:

  • Rethinking your daily routine. If you drive to school, set aside five or 10 minutes to stand, stretch or walk for every hour you spend in the car. If you ride a bus or train, regularly, stand instead of sitting. Even get off one stop earlier to walk to your destination.
  • Rethink how you hang with friends. Plan one moving activity for every one where you sit—so dinner and bowling instead of dinner and a movie. Or instead of meeting friends for coffee, head to an exercise class together or to run on the treadmill.

Life hacks to move more

Need even more inspiration to help you move more and sit less? offered college students some how to ideas in “:”

  • Pace on the phone. If you are talking, you should be walking.
  • Move around after eating. “The fat levels in your bloodstream are highest after eating, and simply moving around afterward increases the activity of lipoprotein lipase, which spurs your metabolism, ” the article stated.
  • Sit on barstools. When you are out at a restaurant, opt for the bar and sit only on the front third of the stool, supporting a good amount of your weight with your feet.
  • Leave the chair. If you are headed to the park or an outdoor concert or event, don’t bring a chair so you will be forced to stand and move around.
  • Do things in person. If you need to return something to a friend or ask them a question, walk to them instead of driving or texting.
  • Study or work in different areas. This is an easy way to automatically move around and ensure you aren’t sitting all day.


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