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Who Owns the #1 Ranking in YouTube for “Back to School”? It’s Bethany Mota  October 7, 2015 – 11:56 am

greg youtube back to schoolAccording to Google Trends, August is the peak month for interest in the search term “back to school.” This is the case whether you look web search interest or just in the . It’s also the case for YouTube search interest or just in the . And it appears that YouTube search interest in “back to school” this August is already 16.3% higher worldwide and 7.5% higher in the U.S. than last August.

So, who has owned the #1 ranking in YouTube for “back to school” this month? It’s been Bethany Mota.

On Sunday, Aug. 16, I did a search on YouTube for “back to school” and the top organic result was “” by Bethany Mota. Published on Aug. 11, it already had more than 1.7 million views.

back to school August 27 2015And when I started playing Mota’s video, a TrueView in-stream ad from Target appeared. It was “.”

On Thursday, Aug. 27, I did another search on YouTube for “back to school” and the top organic result was still “Back to School: Life Hacks & Easy Tips.” Only now the video had close to 3.0 million views.

And when I started playing Mota’s video, “Target Back to School 2015: Jeans Jam” appeared again. Although the TrueView in-stream ad was skippable, it now had more than 2.4 million views.

So, it appears that Mota owned the top spot on YouTube for “back to school” during more than two weeks of prime time. And Target was smart enough to target her video to reach back to school shoppers at one of those that are examined over on Think with Google.

Back to school life hacks & easy tipsWhat are the keys to Bethany Mota’s success?

Now, search engine marketers probably want to understand how Mota achieved her #1 ranking in a key month. But, they may also be interested in learning how the 19-year-old video blogger from Los Banos, California, is easily pulling down $40, 000 a month from her videos alone.
For starters, Mota has the term, “back to school, ” at the beginning of the title of her video. That makes it – along with 48.9 million other YouTube videos – relevant.

But what’s earned her the #1 ranking is her video’s watch time. It is 10 minutes and 48 seconds long. And as of Aug. 27, “Back to School: Life Hacks & Easy Tips” had been watched for a total of 37 years. Now, I didn’t make this up. That’s what is reported publicly in her video statistics.

Watch Time is an important metric on YouTube. The algorithm for suggesting videos includes prioritizing videos that lead to a longer overall viewing session over those that receive more clicks. Viewers benefit from more enjoyable content being suggested to them, and creators benefit from more focused, engaged audiences. If you’re making videos that people are watching well beyond the first click, those videos will be suggested more often.

Finally, the video’s ratings are great. It has almost 255, 000 likes and less than 3, 500 dislikes. The video has 19, 400 comments. And it drove 2, 879 subscriptions to Mota’s channel and was shared more than 1 thousand times to social media.


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