Life Hacks school Edition

3 Lifehacks for Surviving Law School  November 3, 2015 – 08:00 am
Life Hacks: School Edition

1. Develop a Routine to Avoid Slacking Off

Inevitably, you'll find a study pace that works for you ... and then you'll get lazy. But resist this temptation to slack off. If you do, this negative momentum will stick with you for your remaining years and your grades will fall.

Instead of slacking off, develop a study routine. For example, plan on spending set hours of the day in the library. By developing stable habits, you'll avoid living in constant crisis mode when exams approach.

2. Use Hornbooks and Study Guides

Hornbooks and study guides Distill the law into condensed versions of what you need to know. Also, consider purchasing bar preparation books ahead of time. You'll find that bar materials are basically distilled versions of your core classes. If nothing else, bar prep books present comprehensive outlines of all basic legal subjects.

By now, you're already sinking under the cost of your law school books. Fortunately, first year law school topics hardly ever change in material (with the exception of Constitutional Law). So you won't miss much by acquiring an older edition of a study guide.

3. Find a Mentor and Network With Influential People

When you find a mentor, its unlikely she will tell you anything that has real application to your law school studies. But your mentor is an investment for when you step into real practice. The best mentors will even be able to open doors to great paying jobs.


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