School Life Hacks for kids

10 life hacks to help parents with transitioning their kids back to school  January 15, 2016 – 03:29 am
Life hacks for school hacks

The last days of summer often involve a feeling of dread that comes from trying to get the kids out of holiday mode. Here are 10 ways to help make a smooth transition to school routines.

1 Cover up

Don’t get dressed until you’re seconds from walking out the door, or throw a bathrobe on over your clothes to protect them. This applies to parent and child. This way, no toothpaste remnants or breakfast bits will ruin school uniforms or suits.

2 Pack in some fun

Take lunch-box packing to the next level. Slice an apple then put it back together with a rubber band to stop it from going brown in your child’s lunch box. Invest in some googly eyes, because they make everything fun – just stick some eyes on a banana, juice box or sandwich wrap.

3 Feet first

Break in new shoes quickly by blow-drying them. Have your child put on a pair of thick socks, then stuff their feet into the shoes. Using a hairdryer, blow hot air onto the shoe for 10 ­minutes – the shoes will fit perfectly.

4 Get a grasp

Improve your child’s handwriting by putting him or her on the monkey bars. Integrating large-muscle exercises where they use their hands helps kids learn coordination. Plus, hanging from bars is a lot of fun.

5 Slow does it

Buy a Crock-pot. Also known as a slow cooker, it’s a busy mum’s best friend. This incredible machine allows you to prep the day’s dinner early in the morning, or even the night before, with minimal effort. Just throw some hearty ingredients into the pot (try beef for stew, favourite vegetables, some spices and a couple of cups of broth) and leave it in the fridge until you’re ready to place it on the base, programme it, and leave it cooking for six to eight hours. You’ll come home to a hot, delicious, homemade meal, allowing you more time with the kids and less time slaving over a hot stove. Lakeland (in Al Wahda Mall and Mushrif Mall if you’re in Abu Dhabi or in City Centre Mirdif and Mall of the Emirates if you’re in Dubai) stocks some great options.

6 Get app-happy

Instal useful apps on the children’s tablets. will help them learn the definition or pronunciation of more than 400, 000 words. PhotoMath lets you scan a maths problem with your phone, then shows you, step by step, how to work through the problem, or allows you to ­double-check the work. Quizlet helps create flash cards, tests and study games. Older children may like myHomework – the app syncs with a desktop counterpart to keep them up-to-date on class schedules, upcoming assignments and due dates.

7 You’ve got mail

Add a “postbox” to your child’s school bag. Label a document folder and tell your child that all letters and notes between school and home have to go in there. No more scrunched-up, torn paper in the bottom of a school bag.

8 Rack it up

Use a dish rack as a colouring and homework caddy. Slot in colouring books, notebooks, construction paper, A4 paper, etc. The cutlery receptacle can hold markers, crayons, scissors, a glue stick and a ruler.

9 The name game

Outsource all labelling. Tired of slaving over dozens of labels with a Sharpie and laboriously sewing fabric name tags on the inside of school uniforms? Don’t sweat. Visit ­ to order iron-on labels for clothes, stick-on labels for books and belongings, shoe labels, personalised lunch boxes and water bottles and stickers.

10 Food for thought

Subscribe to a lunch-box service and take the guesswork out of planning a meal, shopping for groceries, late-night preparations and the early-­morning rush. There are plenty of healthy options available across the UAE, including delivery either to your home or to your child’s school. Check out Little Lunch Right Bite ( and Health Factory (


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