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cleaning  January 8, 2016 – 08:12 am
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In my experience, brushes are better for "maintenance shining", where you just want a quick touch-up. For a high shine, I've always found a rag to be more effective.

You can use just about any soft, lint-free cloth, but my favorite was old t-shirts. Polish with a back-and-forth motion of the cloth at high speed.

In addition, once you have it mostly done, using a bit of water helps give it a nice glossy coat. Normally I'd just dampen the cloth/rag a bit and keep the same polishing motion as before.

This is how I was taught to do it upon joining the military, and I haven't found a more reliable way since.

Of course, if you just want a "cheater" shine, use a bit of oil (cooking oil is fine) instead of water. Just a touch, though. This will add an impressive shine, but it won't last long. After a few hours, it will start collecting dust and look terrible until reshined. It's useful if you only wear these shoes once in a great while, for short periods.


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