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Life hack: sticky note keyboard cleaner  March 8, 2016 – 08:30 pm

Life hack: sticky note keyboard cleanerSometimes I eat at my laptop. Usually it's something like potato chips carrots and celery sticks. That's neither here nor there. Point being, I've been known to snack whilst staring at my screen, which leaves me with not the cleanest computer.

In order to maximize your cleaning of crumbs, if you don't have one of those fancy air blower things (that's the technical term), just grab a sticky note or two and call it a day.

To make the sticky note a little sturdier, fold it in half with the sticky side facing out. Run the sticky part along your keyboard keys to pick up any dust or crumbs along the way.

So clean! Unless you also have kids with sticky fingers, in which case you might need some extra cleaning supplies. Now you no longer have to worry about eating crumbly crackers while typing. Just have some sticky notes on hand and nobody will ever guess you've been chowing down.

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  • avatar What is the best way to clean a computer keyboard?
    • It is very difficult to clean a computer keyboard by hand as there is the danger of lifting the keys. One can purchase a can of compressed air from stationary shops. When the spray is directed between the keys, any trapped dirt should come out.

  • avatar What is the best way to clean a keyboard? | Yahoo Answers
    • You have to use the vacuum cleaner first to remove the dust but be careful as this might suck any loose keys. Start at a low setting and increase the vacuum until all the dust is gone, a soft furniture brush attachment is ideal for getting between the keys.
      I then use a small piece of rug heavily soaked in methylated spirits (ethanol/methanol are harmful so read the warning and follow instructions). Holding the keyboard upside down, to prevent ingress, wipe/rub the keys with rug to remove all greasy dirt. Keyboard comes out good as new.
      Try one or two keys beforehand as the alcohol …

  • avatar what is the best way to clean a keyboard?????????????????? | Yahoo Answers
    • 1. turn it upside down and shake out anything lose.
      2. use an air spray to spray out anything stuck inside.
      3. turn upside down again, and shake. some of the loosened dirt will come out.
      4. repeat steps 2 and 3 a few times.
      5. use a clean cloth or a paper with no fivers with a special keyboard cleaner, and clean the keys.
      6. you can pop out the very dirty keys, clean them and under them, and then pop them back in.

  • avatar What is the best way to clean inside a keyboard
    • You can carefully remove the keys from the keyboard and clean with window cleaner and QTips or you can get a can of compressed air

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