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Why One Life Hack Can Change Everything  June 27, 2015 – 03:24 pm
Tamara Star

The Way We Do Anything is the Way We Do Everything.

When I first heard this phrase 17 years ago, it took a few moments to really sink in. I thought to myself: that makes no sense; I’m totally together when it comes to my relationships, and my business is thriving. And then it hit me.

In typical fiery Aries fashion, I can work myself into a frenzy to get something done at work, procrastinate like crazy, and be quick to jump to conclusions if something or someone seems to upset the apple cart of my livelihood. But in my mind, business was only one area of my life, and my real life consisted of all the other areas.

But the truth is: we aren’t split. We’re whole—we can’t drop the ball in one area of life and expect our other areas to function smoothly.

When I procrastinate at work, then get myself into a frenzy to complete a project, I’m exhausted. I have nothing to give the ones I love, much less even myself. I become out of balance and return home crabby and testy.

The habits we practice in one area of life, become our life.

Just like we become the five people we hang out with most in life, the way we operate on a daily basis is our life.

I’ve been practicing and teaching Feng Shui for over 17 years now, and can walk into a home or business and read the life of the inhabitants like the back of my hand. It spooks me at times, but I’m 99.99% accurate, the way we do anything is the way we do everything.

Are there a bunch of clothes in there you never wear, but continue to hold on to, just in case?

If so, I’m betting there are people in your life that don’t match who you are or who you really want to be, yet you continue to hold on to them in fear of standing alone. If that doesn’t fit, how about this? I’m betting there is a job you’re holding on to that you don’t love, but you’re settling for what is, not what you want to be.

Do you see what I mean? The energy is the same. When we hold on to things just in case, we’re buying into poverty consciousness. We’re not trusting that what we need, or who we’ll want, will be there if we let go of what’s no longer working.

Now let’s think about an extra painful topic for many people. How is money flowing at the moment? When it’s seemingly slow, chances are we’re slow paying our bills, holding back on settling debts, and dragging our feet in general around our money responsibilities. When we slow the flow in one area, it’s going to dam up all areas.


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