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10 Floor Cleaning Hacks I Can’t Live Without  June 15, 2015 – 03:30 pm

Floor Cleaning Hacks Feature txtThere’s nothing I hate more than cleaning before a holiday party-or just cleaning in general. And cleaning the floors can be the worst chore of them all! I’m not kidding. My floor took notes from this floor-then they shared a cry-session. That’s why I hunted the internet-verse and found these .

I’d like to just wake-up every morning to sparkling counter tops and unblemished kitchen sinks-not to mention spotless floors. But reality bites and I often find myself cleaning-but if I do it efficiently…less fuss is less effort on my part, right? I totally hacked doing laundry, another non-favorite activity at my house…now it’s time to share how I’ve hacked floor cleaning and made it not-so-terrible.

1. Quick-Mop Heaven. I use one of those little spray-as-you-mop devices. It’s tiny and cute-and I can even get my daughter to help, since she loves to spray/play/mop. So, I pretty much use this for like EVERYTHING floor cleaning related (except for carpets…).

2. Cut the Grease. When I’m cooking, I’m not always the cleanest. And sometimes, there’s a little grease that pops out of the pan and on the floor. Getting that up can be a nightmare.Floor Cleaning Hacks Motion Or, you can just follow this recipe and mix a little, teensy-bit of dish soap with baking soda, vinegar and warm water together to create a grease-cutting, floor cleaning wash of awesomeness! Just don’t use it on wax floors…that could be icky.

3. High-Traffic Areas Meet Clean. It’s hard to keep high-traffic areas from becoming dark with ewww. I use a combination of hot water saturation, clean towels to mop it up and a quick vacuum to follow when it’s dry. If it needs more, I treat it like a mystery stain, #6 on the list.

4. Club Soda, Anyone? It’s not time for mixed drinks! Stop thinking about that now. Although, that might make floor cleaning more fun…ok, I’ll have one! No, really. I use club soda to get little spots out of shirts. Why not off carpet? Easy-peasy…unless the stain sticks…then I keep running down my list.

Floor Cleaning Hacks Peroxide Lemon5. Rubbing-Out a Scratch! There’s nothing worse than a scratch on linoleum or laminate flooring. It can keep a clean floor from looking that way, every time. So, I get out the steel-wool from under the sink and give the scratch a light (very light!) buff…scratch disappears and my floor looks soooo much better.

6. Mystery Carpet Stains, No Way! Cleaning the carpet is sometimes the very toughest part of floor cleaning. Especially with kids, cats, dogs-and not to mention the adults that traipse through the house all day…Whew! It’s the mystery-stains that get to me. If I don’t know what it is, how am I supposed to deal with it? Well, this trick has worked for me on every mystery-stain, every time. Just mix-up a little of that grease-cutting solution I mentioned above, grab yourself a white wash-cloth you soaked in said solution and iron it for a minute. My poor iron hasn’t ever had this much use!

7. Drink Stains, Don’t Mess With Me! Red Kool-aid spilled on your white carpet? I hit ’em all with a dose of club soda, follow-up with some vinegar and/or ammonia, then get after-it with the iron (see item #6), if there’s still a stain left…it’s Magic (that’s with a capital “M”, ladies).

8. Tile or Grout Ewww. One of the worst things I can think of is dealing with ick that’s built-up on tile or grout. It really can’t be helped, but it can be cleaned! This deep-clean tile and grout recipe has saved my grout many a time.

9. Hydrogen Peroxide, Tiny Lemon Drops and the Sun. If I have a spot that just won’t clean, I don’t get desperate, I get sunny. Literally. I saturate with this recipe of hydrogen peroxide and lemon-oil drops, then find a way to let the sun shine down. With the sun and the solution, it’ll basically, gently bleach away the bad without damaging the floor. So awesome.


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