Life Hacks cleaning microwave

Here Are 20 Things You Had No Idea Your Microwave Could Do. Life Just Got A Lot Better  February 25, 2016 – 09:52 pm
Easy microwave cleaning (xpost 11.) Figure out if your containers are safe for the microwave.

12.) Keep your bread nice and moist.

13.) How to peel garlic super quick

14.) Peel these foods like a champ.

15.) Poached eggs without all of the mess or "cooking."

16.) Don't want to soak beans overnight?

17.) Eat stale bread, the better way.

18.) How to cook certain foods in the microwave without explosions.

19.) Eat potato chips... forever.

20.) Want toasty nuts?

(H/T The Chive) Microwaves aren't just for re-heating food items that are bad for you. They can help you legitimately cook, clean and generally improve your life. Just make sure to avoid putting aluminum foil in them. That never ends well. Share these helpful tips with others by clicking on the button below.


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