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How can I clean my sticky keyboard?  January 26, 2016 – 08:38 pm
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Personally, I have always used rubbing alcohol 91% to clean my keyboards and other peripherals. Some cotton wool balls, some cotton swabs (the kind you use to clean your ears with, but know you shouldn't) and some gentle rubbing will pretty much remove anything off of your keyboard (nothing escapes the wrath of rubbing alcohol).

Use the cotton wool balls to rub your keys in a circular motion to remove remnants of potato chips and whatever else is causing gunk build up on your keyboard. Only use small amounts of rubbing alcohol at a time, you don't want to soak the wool in it or it will drip inside of your keyboard and could cause havoc.

Using the cotton wool tips/swabs, you can get in between the keys and other hard to reach places. A soft rubbing up and down motion with a slightly damp swab/tip will remove basically everything from your keyboard that didn't come with it from the factory.

If your keyboard is seriously gunked up and gross, you are going to have to remove the keys themselves by prying them off and soaking them in rubbing alcohol. I have only had to do this twice or so in the last few years.

An alternative solution if rubbing alcohol is not your thing:

I have a friend who swears by those magic erasers, having used them myself around the house, they actually work really well. Simply get yourself some Mr. Clean (or whatever they're called locally) magic erasers which are simply just Melamine foam, slightly dampen them, squeeze out any extra water and slightly rub your keys and anywhere else to remove the gunk.

Be mindful not to push too hard as Melamine foam (magic erasers) tend to shed when you use too much force, a little pressure goes a long way with this magic foam. While it does work, I prefer the rubbing alcohol approach because you can use cotton swabs/tips to get in between the keys which you would struggle to do so with a magic eraser.


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