Life Hacks to clean shoes

 January 5, 2016 – 08:36 pm

Although it may be tempting for the convenience, you really shouldn’t put your vans shoes in the washing machine. Especially white ones as they can be discolored and turn yellow, but even colored ones should avoid the washing machine as they can be damaged. If you can, hand wash your vans

Mix A Cleaning Solution Or Laundry Detergent The first thing you need to do is mix some kind of cleaning solution. Take five parts water and mix it with one part cleaning detergent.

Get Another Bowl Of Warm Water Take a bowl of warm water, make sure it is not hot, just warm. Quickly dunk your vans shoes in the water, only for a second or two. This allows the cleaning liquid you made above to penetrate the fabric of the shoes better.

Get A Toothbrush And Clean The Shoe Now comes the actual cleaning. Put the toothbrush in the cleaning solution that you made and begin cleaning the shoe thoroughly. You should clean the entire shoe, including the inside, that way you kill bacteria and have your whole shoe clean.

Rinse The Shoes You should now rinse the shoes in some clean, warm water. Use another, clean toothbrush to get all of the cleaning liquid off.

Allow The Shoes To Dry Overnight Place the shoes on some paper towels and let them dry overnight, the next morning you will have nice, clean vans shoes (resist from placing in dryer, I know some driers have a accessory that allows items to dry while stationary but resist this for best results)


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