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How to get Urine stains out of carpet  November 24, 2015 – 05:27 pm
Homemade green carpet cleaner
  • Substitute Vinegar with Ammonia. Using ammonia requires vigorous rubbing and possibly a scrub brush, but if you clean 2 to 3 times with this method the smell goes. Also, try substituting with dish washing liquid, the good smell can help get rid of the odour and do some deep cleaning. Make sure you add water or a residue may build up.

  • Substituting with lemon juice works to, but can leave a stickyness unless you rinse with water or water down adequately.
  • Mixing regular soap with baking soda helps with the odour and the mess.

  • Start by dusting the stain with a thin coat of baking soda, then mix up about a cup of hydrogen peroxide with a tablespoon of dish soap in a spray bottle. Mix gently to combine. Then, saturate the baking soda and the stain thoroughly. Use an old toothbrush or your fingers to massage the mixture gently into the carpet, then let the mixture sit until it dries. Vacuum up the mess and clean it again with cool water.3 Hydrogen peroxide can damage some kinds of carpet, making it important that you spot test this mixture in an out-of-the-way area of the carpet to make sure that it won't stain the carpet irreparably.

    Apply pressure with books or a container to help with moisture wicking. Wicking the urine up is the first step in all methods and know what will damage your floor. Wet and dry vacuums help with moisture control

  • Dogs like sniffing before they go know what your dog is allergic to and spray down some odours.
  • Vinegar
  • Essential oils- peppermint, anything minty, especially if it is strong.
  • Some perfumes, as they can have a burning smell.
  • Additional Info:

    Before doing anything else, if the area is still wet, be sure to blot the urine stain with a clean towel. You can also use paper towels to help absorb any remaining urine. To prevent further absorption, the faster you do this, the better. If you have access to any kind of shop-vac, use it to extract any remaining urine. If you don’t have this tool, proceed to the next step. Take one-quarter teaspoon of liquid dishwashing detergent and mix it with one cup of warm water. Be sure to specifically use this kind, not laundry detergent or dish soap; these may contain bleach or lanolin. If you have a spray bottle, pour the solution into it. Spray the urine stain, aiming directly onto the carpet. If you can extract the solution from the carpet using a shop-vac, this is a good next step. Otherwise, you can use a cotton cloth or paper towels after the solution has set into the stain. After rinsing the area with warm water, repeat steps 1-5, as long as you’re seeing the urine stain gradually fade. Last, take two tablespoons of ammonia and mix into a cup of water. Rinse and repeat until the stain has disappeared.


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