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The No-Mess Way to Clean Your Ceiling Fan  December 30, 2015 – 08:49 am

The No-Mess Way to Clean Your Ceiling Fan (via Survival at Home)You know, I don’t mind doing most of the housecleaning chores there are to do. I don’t mind dishes or vacuuming… in fact, I don’t even mind laundry. What I really dislike is cleaning the ceiling fans around the house. It always makes a huge mess, and there’s more cleaning to do afterward… so I decided to turn to a trusted source for all things cool – Pinterest! I literally found this “life hack” in about 50 different places which lead me to facepalm so hard over its simplicity that I almost bloodied my nose.

My wife and daughter both have lung issues, my oldest son has asthma, and my youngest son and I both have bad sinus issues. Dusting is NOT a fun time around the house, but we make do. The biggest problem is doing the ceiling fans.

The No-Mess Way to Clean Your Ceiling Fan (via Survival at Home)We’ve tried dusters, spray-n-wipe, and those extension dusters that are supposed to make the dust “magically cling” to them (spoiler alert – they don’t work that well). Every time, there’s clumps of dust on the floor, and little fuzzies flying all around the room. We all end up sneezing and gasping for air.

So how can we do something different? Something that cleans the fan blades without making a huge mess? One word: (affiliate link)!

Simply open the pillowcase, slide it all the way over the fan blade, grab the blade through the pillowcase, and slide the pillowcase down the length of the fan blade. All of the dust comes off in the pillowcase without flying all around the room or falling to the floor in clumps.

You can do all the fans in the house in the same day! Then just take the pillowcase outside, turn it inside out, and shake all the dust out of it before you throw it in the washer.


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