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Tips & Tricks: Holiday Season Lifehack Edition  March 22, 2016 – 09:50 pm

The holidays are right around the corner and with the hectic shopping season, meal preparation, and celebrations that will be taking place, we have a few tips and lifehacks that you may want to consider as you prepare for winter.

1. Want to avoid the cold and boredom during holiday seasons? If so, your family should consider traveling to somewhere much warmer. Cancun, Mexico is the perfect place to travel during the winter, not only is it warm throughout the winter, you can also enjoy a nice beach view and the “All-Inclusive” options that include drinks and buffet for your entire stay. There’s still time to book and spend the holidays lounging by the pool.

2. Here are 10 food lifehacks you need to know going into the holiday season so you can show off to your friends and family. Even if you don’t decide to use these tips, this video is pretty hilarious, so at least you’ll be entertained for 10 minutes.

3. Thanksgiving is just around the corner! If cooking a Thanksgiving dinner is too hectic for your taste, there are always great dining out options on Thanksgiving. Check them out here!

4. If you enjoy solving mysteries and puzzles with friends and family, we would like to invite you to Austin Panic Room – you will be trapped in a room with friends and family, and you need to solve various puzzles in order escape (and avoid getting caught). This experience will be great event to bond with your family as well as a great brain exercise. There is one catch to the Panic Room, you only have one hour!

5. Have you seen the movie “Inception”? If you enjoyed the intense thriller, mind-games, and epic-ness, you will definitely love this film. Be prepared to have your mind blown away with Predestination.


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