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Galaxy Warriors by Sungold  January 16, 2016 – 10:21 am
As I promised before Galaxy Warrior on blister card.

Blister card image detail.

Frazetta's painting

The blister card art is taken from Frazetta's painting (above). For the GW art the ball and chain was replaced with an axe and the helmet was changed.


After analyzing the artwork used for packaging we can be certain that the Galaxy Warriors' artists had examples of Frazetta's paintings. Copying Frazetta's work must have been a deliberate decission, since every piece of artwork used for the original Galaxy Warriors packaging was taken from Frazetta paintings. So, if his paintings were the basis of all the GW artwork, then it is reasonable to assume that Frazetta's artwork may have been influential in the designs of other aspects of the GW toy-line.

It is very possible, and in some cases a near certainty, that some of the characters for the toy-line were influenced by certain Frazetta images. Keep in mind that we have already determined that Sungold obviously had seen and had copies of Frazetta artwork.

The first intriguing possibility is the design for Huk (pictured below). There are two Frazetta paintings that can reasonably account for the design of this bearded barbarian. Both are shown below.

The strongest connection to Huk comes from the 1967 painting The Snow Giants (below). This is one of Frazetta's Conan paintings, and a detail of one of the giants reveals a face that with near certainty we can say was the main influence behind the design of Huk. The bearded face provides an obvious connection between the image and the figure, but it is also important to look closely at the helmet. Huk's helmet is identical to the helmet in the painting.

Frazetta's Snow Giants, 1967.

Detail from Snow Giants. Is this image by Frazetta the inspiration for the design of Huk?

The Galaxy Warrior Huk, with the same helmet and face found in Frazetta's painting.

Is there any proof that Sungold was even aware of Frazetta's Snow Giants? As it turns out, years later Sungold would re-release the Galaxy Warriors under the name Freedom Fighters. The image below shows the carded Huk figure released as a Freedom Fighter. The image is very blurry, but it is still obvious that the blister card painting is a copy of Frazetta's Snow Giants, specifically, the giant that is the inspiration for the figure Huk. So, did Sungold know about Frazetta's painting? You bet they did. [I am still searching for a better picture of the Freedom Fighters blister card. I will update this image if I can find one.]
Although we can be nearly certain that Huk was based on the figure in Snow Giants, one other Frazetta painting also provides a very Huk-like figure, minus the helmet. The painting below is called Bloodstone.

A close-up (below) of this figure helps us to see the connection to Huk's visage. This painting may have another connection to the Galaxy Warriors, and I will discuss it again later in this essay.

Moving past Huk, we will now look at what may have been an influence for the creation of the figure Spikes (below).
The design of Spikes is very interesting because he is wearing a Greek-style helmet, making him a very classical gladiator-type character while the rest of the line can be seen as fantasy barbarians and half-human creatures. I believe the influence for Spikes's design comes from the Frazetta painting, Atlantis (below).

Detail of figure from Frazetta's Atlantis, possibly the inspiration behind Spikes.

The Galaxy Warrior called Spikes.

Due to the large amount of Frazetta influence we have already seen in the GW toy-line, there is a good chance that the painting Atlantis inspired the Galaxy Warrior Spikes. The toy designers shortened the helmet crest on the action figure, but they kept the three tiered levels and sweeping rear neck guard seen in Frazetta's painting. Spikes's head is even cloaked in shadows providing no facial details, just like the statue in the painting.

The design of the weapons and shields carried by the Galaxy Warriors also comes from Frazetta paintings.
We will begin by looking at the two axes. First up is the Execution style axe that was made famous in Frazetta's Death Dealer (below).

Frazetta's Death Dealer.


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