Life Hacks Cutting Onions

food  October 4, 2015 – 10:10 am

Here's my preferred solution — goggles:

You said you don't have any, but you should be able to find a cheap pair of swimming goggles at any sports store or supermarket for less than $10. (I bought mine at a local swimming pool for €5.) Besides, if you like to go swimming, they'll also have a secondary use.

Really, any eyewear that's more or less airtight, like the ski glasses suggested by Alexandre C., should work just as well. Obviously, try to pick ones that are clear, rather than tinted like the pair in the picture (which were the only ones I happened to have at hand for the photo; I seem to have misplaced my usual pair of goggles). Still, in a pinch, almost anything short of a welding mask will do.

As far as fit goes, remember that most goggles are adjustable, and that for just chopping onions, you don't really need to have them fit very tightly. Just loosen the strap a little bit if it feels too tight, and it'll be a lot more comfortable to wear.

An alternative solution, if you happen to be cutting onions near a ventilated oven hood, is to turn the fan on. It will suck in the fine mist of onion juice generated by chopping the onions, and keep it away from your eyes.

Similarly, if you're cutting onions outdoors (say, while camping), simply try standing upwind, or a bit to the side. (Standing directly upwind may not be optimal, since the wind will form eddies around your body.) The wind will carry the onion juice harmlessly away. You can also try this indoors in front of a window, but that's a bit more situational — the wind might not always happen to be blowing conveniently out of your kitchen window.


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