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2 new YouTube channels for kids that are smart, fun, and free  February 14, 2016 – 03:00 am

Sesame Street Star Wars video parody on the new PBS Kids YouTube channelTrying to find appropriate content on YouTube for kids can be a challenge. Because you know, YouTube isn’t always super kid-friendly — especially (above) this week, I went in expecting a lot. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Geared toward children between the ages of 2 and 8, the channel features hundreds of clips and promo videos from PBS Kids shows we love, along with full length web originals. Plus, PBS Kids plans to add new content weekly, so that should keep kids and parents coming back for more. One of our favorites: The Cookie Monster Playlist. How can you resist a Star Wars parody calledfeaturing Luke Piewalker, Flan Solo, Only One Canoli, and Chewie…the cookie.

Life Hacks For Kids series on DreamWorksTVAlso for slightly older kids, check out the Full-Time Kid video series, featuring a charismatic young host named Mya (at top) sharing fun educational tricks, songs, crafts, and other activities that actually get kids off the computer. Homemade ice cream recipe anyone?

Related:, that’s what. Created last summer, this channel is aimed at slightly older kids and features original, short-form, live action and animated web series with new episodes each day.

One particularly smart web series on the channel is called Life Hacks For Kids. It stars the delightful “master life-hacker” Sunny, who is basically a tween MacGyver. She’ll guide your kids through hacks for rainy day fun, make-your-own sandwiches, and even a tech segment that includes a trick for avoiding earphone cord spaghetti using a hair clip. I’m telling you, Sunny is on it.

The one complaint with each of these channels — you don’t get something for nothing. Expect pre-roll ads before the segments start.


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