Life Hacks for Sleepovers

Kate Plus 8 Sextuplets' 11th Birthday Sleepover Goes Wrong: Watch a Clip!  June 24, 2015 – 09:54 am

Not enough beds! The Gosselin sextuplets turned 11, and mom Kate took the kiddos (plus their two older sisters) on a celebratory birthday trip, documented in the latest episode of TLC's Kate Plus 8.

But when the family got to their hotel, the boys played happily in their new room while the girls realized the suite they were promised wasn't exactly the luxurious, spacious digs they were expecting: The boys had four beds, the girls' suite only had one.

Kate Plus 8 Sleeping arrangements get difficult on the septuplets' birthday trip on Kate Plus 8.

"I think you're all over-tired, over-sugared, and overdone, " mom Kate Gosselin told her children as they whined about the sleeping arrangements, eventually putting her foot down. "Ask me the next time you're gonna have a sleepover! Never. Trust me, it's never happening again."

Once the girls settled down, she had to retire to her sons' room to put out the next (possibly literal) fire. "I gotta fix this, then I gotta get back down to those boys that probably have broken furniture and made a campfire out of it, " she cracked.


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