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How can I easily open plastic film wrapped packages?  January 3, 2016 – 01:30 pm

There are various variations of these wrapped plastic film packages. They mostly are on cardboard packages, such as cigarette packages. Following, a specific package I regularly struggle with.

skittles plastic film package

It may be hard to spot, but the stripe which should help getting off the plastic is at the end of the "S" in the picture. They usually have a latch to help peeling off the plastic, which is at a certain spot on that stripe.

Is there a way to quickly spot the latch to peel off the plastic?

My fingernails are sort of short, so it's hard for me to get the latch come off. On this particular package I'm not even able to spot the latch, so I just try to pull at the stripe or at the end of the fused plastic on the short side (right side in picture).

As the question title implies, I'm also looking for a way to open plastic packages without even using the stripe and latch.

I have tried using a lighter. It creates a hole in the plastic which I can grab to peel off the rest of it but through the melting the plastic sticks to the cardboard and depending on the content of the package the heat may make the contents unusable.


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