Life Hacks to try at home

The 10 worst life hacks ever  March 6, 2016 – 09:06 pm
Top 23 of The Most Genius Life 7. Make your guests ill with toothpaste mints

One of the most unpalatable entries on this list, forcing your guests to eat discs of frozen toothpaste doesn't seem like the best way to end a dinner party - unless you make them out of the edible toothpaste they make for toddlers.

8. Ruin the subtle flavour of expensive cheese with dental floss

What is it about people bringing dental hygiene products into the kitchen? Another minty mistreat, many people suggest using dental floss to cut your cheese. Whilst the logic is sound, the flavour is not. Why not use thread, or fishing line - where you'll get all the benefits without giving your goat's cheese an unwelcome minty twist.

9. Open your beer whilst at the wheel and with your seatbelt unbuckled

Whoever discovered this nifty trick is neither someone you want to take the advice of, nor get into a car with. However, knowing such an innovative way to open a beer bottle may prove useful when you find yourself in need of an ice-breaker in a new and unfamiliar situation - like a police station.

10. Wear empty water bottles as shoes

Taking laziness to a new level, if you can't be bothered to go back to your hotel room to get your flip flops, just make do with a couple of empty two litre water bottles. These flips are a flop - possibly the most unstylish and uncomfortable footwear ever devised. That said - still better than Crocs.

Credit: Brainjet Credit: Spaceghetto Credit: Credit: imgur

Plastic bottle flip flops!Just crunch the bottle flat and slip your feet in between the label and the flattened bottle

— Rockin' Robin Tweet (@springrollz12)


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