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23 Genius Travel Hacks That’ll Save You Time, Space, and Money  July 21, 2015 – 08:16 am

1. Throw the hotel bar soap into your dirty laundry bag so it doesn’t stink up your suitcase for the rest of your trip. Don’t have any bar soap lying around? Use a dryer sheet.

2. Wear a night moisturizer on long flights because it’s extra hydrating and you’ll have plenty of time to let it sink in and do its job (you know, like fighting wrinkles and brightening skin).

3. Pack items like your laptop in smaller bags so you have options when you’re out and about. You don’t want to have to lug your carry-on bag with you everywhere, do you?

4. Store your power cords in an old sunglass case. It’ll keep you from losing your damn mind. We promise.

6. Make your own awesome travel beverage. Bring a thermos with lemon, honey, and your own tea bag. Then have the flight attendant fill it with hot water—it makes the flight a tiny bit more relaxing.

7. Use your mascara as an eyeliner—just press the wand as close to your waterline as possible. It won’t approximate a cat eye but it will give you an effortless, smudged look.

8. Infinity scarves give you infinite options. Use one as a blanket when you’re cold, or fold it over your face to block out the light for a nap.

9. Hot tools take up precious suitcase space. Spritz damp hair with sea salt spray, use a towel to tie it up "genie-style, " and sleep on it. Unwrap in the morning to reveal beachy waves.

15. Wear your heaviest shoes on the plane (like those cute ankle boots you just bought) as well as your heaviest coat. You’ll save room and that coat doubles as a good pillow, too.

16. Just traveling for the weekend? Put your foundation or powder into contact cases to bring small quantities.

17. Pack clothing items around a color scheme (denim/black/white/gray) so that it's easy to mix and match. Dress up your outfits with scarves or jewelry.

19. Bring several pairs of underwear in your carry-on—just in case your luggage winds up lost.

20. Collect travel- and sample-size items (gee, where could you find those?) so you’ll have them when you need them.

21. Pre-pack what you can. Always have a toiletry bag ready, so that you don't need to go crazy the night before you leave.

22. Place a cotton pad in your blush or powder compact to ensure that it won’t break while you’re in transit.


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