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12 summer life hacks you need in your life  March 19, 2016 – 03:03 pm
These life hacks will sort your summerSummer sorted (Picture: Lifehacker UK)

Because who has the time or money to do things the long way?

Summer is (apparently) on its way, and although we can’t help guarantee good weather, with a little help from our friends at Life Hacker UK and Amex offers, we can totally help you out with some hacks that’ll give you more time and money to have FUN.

So whether you’re heading off somewhere exotic or staying at home, here are 12 summer life hacks you need in your life.

1. Easy peasy lemon squeezy face scrub

(Picture: Lifehacker UK)

Freshen up on the go (or even a flight) with this simple face scrub. Squeeze the juice of a couple of lemon slices out into a small cup, mix with some sugar, and apply in gentle, circular movements to your face – the sugar opens up your pores and the citric acid from the lemon juice is a great natural exfoliator for skin.

2. Amplify your alarm

(Picture: Lifehacker UK)

Wish your smartphone’s alarm clock was even louder? Just put it in an empty glass next to your bed to amplify the sound in the morning.

(Picture: Amex)3. Un-stink your trainers

(Picture: Lifehacker UK)

Deodorise trainers or canvas pumps when travelling by placing a fresh tea bag in them overnight. In the morning, they’ll smell so fresh and so clean, clean.

4. Don’t forget your toothbrush

(Picture: Lifehacker UK)

Staying in a dodge hostel? Then make sure you pack a clothes peg, and use it as a lever to hold up your toothbrush to save resting it on the grimy sink.

5. Streamline your makeup bag

(Picture: Lifehacker UK)

Did you know mascara can double as a cream eyeliner? Well it can. Just sweep your liner brush against the bristles of the mascara wand and line as you would with any gel liner.

6. Ice ice (water) baby

(Picture: Lifehacker UK)

Keep cool all day by filling a water bottle half way and freezing it. Then just top up with water throughout the day.

(Picture: Amex)7. Something fishy

(Picture: Lifehacker UK)

Like BBQing fish, but hate what it does to your barbie? Then simply life your fish on a bed of lemon slices – not only will it stop the fish sticking to the grates, but it’ll also add a deliciously zesty flavour. Two birds, one, er, lemon.

8. Sort your fridge with some extra storage

(Picture: Lifehacker UK)

Ok, this isn’t the sexiest life hack, but it might stop you finding rotting fruit behind eight jars of Branston Pickle. Basically, pop a couple of magazine holders in your fridge on their sides, et voila, you just doubled your storage space.

9. Handbag helper

(Picture: Lifehacker UK)

If you spend half your life looking for things at the bottom of your handbag, this one’s for you. Simply clip your essentials (keys, hairbands) to the inside of your bag using a carabiner (one of those big clips used by mountain climbers). You’ll never have to rummage again. Well, maybe.
10. Hot drinks in a hurry

(Picture: Lifehacker UK)

You need to be out the house in five minutes, but CANNOT leave without your morning tea/ coffee. If this sounds familiar, then you need to get on this hack. First up, you need to prepare some coffee and tea ice cubes (just make a milk-less mug of your poison, then freeze in an ice cub tray). Then simply pop a cube of two in your morning mug to cool it down without diluting the taste.

11. De-wrinkle your washing (without touching your iron)

(Picture: Lifehacker UK)
(Picture: Amex) (Picture: Amex) (Picture: Amex) (Picture: Amex)


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