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Hot Weather Hacks Debunked  October 16, 2015 – 08:43 am

imageOf all the first-world problems cluttering my life, one that faces me almost daily is whether or not to believe Pinterest “hacks”. We’ve all seem them (unless you don’t have a Pinterest or have never accidentally wasted 45 hours on it, in which case we cannot be friends): the pins advertising DIY ways to beat the heat, avoid the dreaded summer acne, or stay sweat-free. Since I’m that girl who checks to see if “gullible” really is written on the ceiling, I’ve tried my fair share of these hacks. Instead of making your own mistakes, let’s all gather ‘round to laugh at my failures and heartily applaud the successes.

Hack #1:

image“I’ don’t really need sunscreen, it’s cloudy.” Famous last words, my friend. I tried this pin in an agonizing frenzy after the sun dramatically ruined my life during a trip to Corona del Mar. Behold, live footage of my misery:

Now that we all feel sufficiently sorry for me (I also accept cash and check sympathy donations), onto the hack. I froze some 100% aloe vera in a normal ice cube tray and waited, paralyzed, on my couch until they froze. Applying the ice cube was a little tricky, since my skin was roughly the same temperature as the inside of a Hot Pocket and as sensitive as your tongue being burned by the inside of a Hot Pocket.image But it worked! The aloe was refreshing and pleasantly melted into my skin without me having to do more than lie in misery. Hack Score: A+

Hack #2:

Huffington Post suggested wearing wet socks to bed on those nights when it’s too hot to fall asleep. I grabbed my trusty kitten-themed socks and headed into the bathroom. My first attempt proved messy and completely idiotic, since I somehow decided it was smart to put the socks on and then stick my entire foot into the sink. After reminding myself that I am now the proud owner of a college degree, I tried again, this time wetting the socks and then putting them on once I was already in bed. This is where gut reaction takes over. The feeling of wet socks is horrific. I kept thinking of those Odor Eaters commercials preaching about how fungi love moist spaces. Water dripped between my toes in a shocking wake-up call every few minutes.


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